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We are a private investigation company situated at the Dutch - German border, and provide services for companies and private clients.


Available 24 hours a day

Tel: +31 (0)655738188

Alkris is licensed by the Ministry of Justice, nr. POB620

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Just some of our services:
- Insurance fraud - Counter-expertise (your counter-investigation)
- Company investigation on suspicion of fraud - Investigation of misappropriation of funds, theft and fraud
- Investigation of sabotage-, espionage- and competition cases - Pre-employment screening
- Interim security management - Personnel Integrity improvement
- Company espionage - Establishing the evidence of and counteracting blackmail
- Investigation of (unjustified) absence - Dismissal cases - Debt collection assignments
- Checking of people and goods (for example fieldworkers, load and consignment notes)
- Collection of evidence in reference to criminal and civil court procedures(such as violence or sexual offence)
- Interrogation of the individuals involved (suspects and witnesses)
- Authenticity verification of documents (for example diplomas, letters of reference, invoices and agreements)
- Trial purchases - Advice on company’s surveillance
- Tracking person, goods and companies - Missing persons or goods - observation
- Detection of bugging devices - Forensic research
- Missed goods investigation
- Information cases
- Advice on prevention - Advice on detention
- Security and surveillance of goods, buildings and premises
- Alimony cases
- Security check on partners


ALKRIS is founder and honorary member of the largest Dutch trade association the BPOB, the forerunner, the detective society.

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