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Security & Surveillance

Body guarding and personal protection has become a necessity. Alkris is fully aware of that. For this reason and should we step inside your private or business life to secure your safety, we do that in the most delicate way possible. Our risk analysis and approach to safety measures is therefore maximally tailored to personal wishes and feelings of the people involved. Personal protection is after all tailored to your wishes. Whenever necessary we designate personal protectors who can simultaneously perform the duties of a VIP driver. Besides we can also supply appropriate (armored) vehicles.

Both the owners of personal cars and of cargo vehicles are suffering from the amount of thefts which occur every year. This is a unfortunately still a substantial loss-making item for many companies, which influences in the long run the costs of the final product. Alkris can advise and help with prevention surveillance against such theft. If required we can also provide dynamic observation of cars and its. As in other fields of activity the professional interests of detectives and protectors are integrated in such a way so as to ensure your requirements are fully met. Through the years Alkris has turned these car-recovery assignments even into “sport”! And this relates not only to stolen vehicles with possible cargo means but also to “not –returned” lease vehicles.

Buildings and sites
Alkris strives to provide the most complete range of services possible. In this way you, as a client, can easily get a grip on many aspects of security and protection measures that can be utilized inside your company. Moreover we can also offer in-house security and detective services. Since early years company’s security has been a part of activities where Alkris is specialized in. Our security guards have all the right certificates and required diplomas and are available 24/7 for your company’s security and protection. They are knowledgeable with various telephone exchange systems, CCTV monitoring techniques and many other systems designed to protect, control and survey the building. Our team undergoes regular training in these sectors and quite often shares their knowledge and expertise out sheer enthusiasm with staff members of the client. It is also possible to take over the reception duties in order to arrange access procedures for permits, keys possession schemes, access authorization and administration of visits and goods.

Education / Training
We all need training from time to time; someone who teaches you to apply your theoretical knowledge in practice, who provides guidance and encourages. Our long and extensive experience has shown that not only the knowledge itself plays an important role. It is also the correct application of your theoretical knowledge that is critical. Hereby the emphasis among others is put on correct application of high-tech technical devices, and at the same time on the consequences of judicially correct methods on a whole. After all we all know many examples of “unlawfully collected evidence” whereby the evidence which was so difficult to obtain, was later credited as inadmissible through faults made during its collection. That is why Alkris recognizes the importance to undertake practical exercise. However, we offer you our expertise but in return expect full 100% contribution from your side. In the end, this is exactly what our clients expect from us…